Exceptional level of service characterizes the capability of Wedding Stories to always deliver a successful event consistently.
We'll offer you an exclusive wedding planner with whom you will liaise throughout the event. This is our primary commitment and the most important characteristic of our services.

We indicatively state some of those services:
• Define together a concept for the entire planning of your wedding
• Find partners who will frame successfully the wedding event (selection of the church, places for the reception, menus, music and sound coverage, decorating, photography, beauty services)
• Book event date and handle paperwork
• Coordination of all necessary meetings with all our partners in our arranged meeting
• Work with your preset budget
• Coordination of the wedding ceremony and reception
• Seating plan of your guests at the reception
• Presence of at least one person from our staff at the ceremony and the reception
• Supervision of all operations aiming for the perfect result

Tour Package services
• Reservations and issuance of air tickets for the couple and their guests
• Rental cars that will receive your guests from their arrival point (port, airport)
• Design of the event itinerary that will be sent along with airline tickets and the hotel vouchers
• Follow up with the guests that will attend the reception
• Coordination and briefing of the guests